The author

Born in Huelva, Spain in 1971, Garrido was educated at the university of Seville. It was after graduating that Garrido often found himself drawn to exploring cities. The technological marvels and the diversity within these vibrant places fascinated him. He has been inspired by “urban” American artist, such Edward Hopper and Richard Estes, and was drawn especially to the charms of New York wich provides a backdrop to much of his work.Garrido´s interest in the city´s infrastructure can be seen in all his works, from the busy “highway scenes” to the “panoramic views” taken from tall buildings.
He way he buids up the oils, layer upon layer of often quite dry paint “dragged” across the surface creates a texture finish. A few well chosen marks translate into a passing car, or touches of colour hint at a traffic light. In many works there is a sense of a continuing motion with Garrido´s trademark and vibrant brushstrokes. His palette of cool,soft tones conveys a “Turneresque” atmosphere to this subject.
Garrido currently lives in Spain and continues to paint depictions of these living breathing cities.